How to use the NFTrinity Mashups Custom Token:

1. First, purchase the token.

2. Then, send the token from a wallet containing the NFTs you want to have mashed up.

3. Once I see that you have sent me the token I will visually inspect the contents of your wallet and find something to mash up.

4. Be patient, I'm going to give you my best work.

5. Check your wallet, as I will send the finished piece to the same wallet you sent the mashup token from.

6. Follow **@nf_trinity** on twitter.

7. If you like the finished mashup I send you, please show some support and give me a shout-out on twitter!

**NFtrinity wallet address:** addr1qyfgn40phuglhk3389rrwufwutrhqp9vf5vank4779zhjmt6ng6a3j3xx8zh50ujn9p9qzueckppy6y9gqpxgk0d05fqzjdatf

If you would like a custom request please purchase a "Custom Token" and then message me on twitter. Thanks, and have a wonderful day!